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Concrete like you've never seen it before! Experience the difference...
Let Houston Post Tension transform your concrete into a work of art. Whether you desire a new patio, flooring,
driveway, or even new kitchen countertops, HPT can create a custom look and design for your particular
We service Commercial & Residential Developments, Hotel & Leisure, Water Features & Pool
Decks, and more.

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Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is concrete that is patterned to look like brick, slate,
flagstone, stone, tile and even wood. It can be used in many different
applications such as pool decks, driveways, porches, courtyards and

Acid Etch Concrete Staining

Staining concrete is an affordable way to create a unique and elegant
look for your home, office and more. HPT offers many different stain
options and will work with new and existing concrete. Stained concrete
floors provide a beautiful and easy-to-maintain floor covering. We can acid etch any design you choose on to the concrete surface for a one-of-a-kind flooring.

Concrete Engraving

With Concrete Engraving, we will engrave your design on to the concrete and then stain the concrete to give it color. The engraved area remains uncolored, which gives a "grout line" appearance. Concrete Engraving is perfect for outdoor areas
such as patios, or pool decks. Both new and old concrete can be engraved.


Concrete Countertops

More and more people are choosing concrete as an affordable and
beautiful option for their kitchen and bathroom countertops. Each
countertop is handcrafted and stained to offer a unique look, as well
as incorporating texturing objects such as pieces of metal, glass stone,
etc... to add to the overall design appeal. With concrete you can also
integrate additional built in features such as an integrated concrete sink,
or drainboard.