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Labor Services

At Houston Post Tension, we understand the demands of the construction industry and the importance of reliable, high-quality labor services. Our seasoned crews specialize in stressing, cutting, and grouting post-tension tendons with unmatched precision.

“We have a dedicated and passionate PTI qualified staff at Houston Post Tension. From our outstanding estimating team to our hard-working warehouse staff, we work day in and day out to provide the best quality products and services for you.”

Chris Myers
Elevated Rebar & PT Division Manager
  • Stressing

  • Cutting

  • Grouting

We serve Houston and surrounding areas, including San Antonio, Austin, College Station, and Galveston.

Our commitment to excellence and timely service ensures that your projects stay on schedule and meet the highest standards of quality. With our extensive experience and customer-first approach, you can trust us to deliver outstanding results, every time.