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Residential Projects

Welcome to Houston Post Tension, where we transform residential dreams into concrete realities. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project we undertake, and our expertise in post-tension and rebar construction ensures that your home is built to last for generations.

HPT Residential Projects
HPT Residential Projects
HPT Residential Projects

“We have a dedicated and passionate PTI qualified staff at Houston Post Tension. From our outstanding estimating team to our hard-working warehouse staff, we work day in and day out to provide the best quality products and services for you.”

Chris Myers
Elevated Rebar & PT Division Manager

Post-tension technology lies at the heart of our residential projects. By strategically placing high-strength steel cables within concrete slabs, we're able to create resilient, long-lasting material that will help foundation resist cracking and settling over time. This innovative approach not only enhances structural integrity but also allows for greater design flexibility, enabling us to realize your vision for foundation project.

In conjunction with post-tension cables, we provide top-quality rebar for residential construction projects. Rebar, meticulously installed within concrete elements such as beams, columns, and foundations, adds an additional layer of reinforcement, ensuring that your home stands strong against the test of time and environmental factors.

From initial concept to final execution, we prioritize communication, transparency, and on time delivery, ensuring that your residential project exceeds your expectations.

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Whether you're building a custom home, renovating an existing property, or embarking on a new residential development, Houston Post Tension is your trusted partner in supplying quality reinforcement material for your residential foundation project, on time, every time.