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Houston Post Tension offers an extensive range of high-quality rebar designed to enhance the strength and durability of your concrete structures. With a wide variety of sizes and grades, including Grade 60 and Grade 80, our rebar is ideal for any construction project.

HPT Rebar Bulk Materials
HPT Rebar Bulk Materials
HPT Rebar Bulk Materials
  • High-Quality Standards

  • Wide Variety of Sizes & Grades (including Grade 60 & 80)

  • Local & Nationwide Delivery (within 24-48 hours)

Our commitment to fast and reliable delivery, both locally and nationwide, ensures you have the materials you need when you need them. Backed by over 30 years of industry experience, our dedicated team ensures every order meets the highest standards of quality.

We provide not just products, but comprehensive solutions that drive the success of your projects. Our customer-first policy and rapid delivery services make Houston Post Tension the reliable choice for contractors seeking dependable rebar and outstanding service.